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AD-PRO Employment Services

Mission Statement

“To Enhance and Harness skills and break down barriers

 to employment for adults with a learning or physical disability,

thereby building vibrant and inclusive communities


AD-PRO provides a person centred training package for adults with learning disabilities who are preparing to move on to employment

Our aim is:

To give high quality support to people through transition in becoming job ready, and act as advocates throughout the whole job process


We are committed to a person-centred approach to training and focussed on proactively seeking out employment and work placements, carefully job matching individuals so individuals, employers and their families have an overall positive experience

AD-PRO maintains the Valuing People objectives

Rights, Independence, Choice and Inclusion



Standard 1

Before confirming a placement AD-PRO offers a four week transition period, this is a two way process for the individual and AD-PRO to assess if we are meeting the needs of the individual and the outcomes of AD-PRO.

Standard 2

New clients are admitted on the basis of a full assessment which is undertaken by people competent to do so and is agreed by panel.

Standard 3

AD-PRO facilitates an individual person centred employment training package, so we can assess, evaluate the annual aims with regular feedback sessions.

Standard 4

On commencing a placement our highly trained staff will complete action plans and risk assessments and these will be reviewed and amended on a regular basis in line with our daily practice.

Standard 5

Staffs provide a sensitive and flexible approach ensuring privacy and dignity is adhered to at all times.

Standard 6

Staff is highly experienced in engaging and supporting people through transition in becoming job ready, and act as advocates throughout the whole job 

Standard 7

Staff gives high quality skilled support during employment/work placement to each person and employer until a time when support can be slowly phased out.

Standard 8

Effective quality assurance systems are in place and clients are offered opportunities to contribute to developments and reviews of the service.

Standard 9

The manager will ensure that the environment will be accessible, safe pleasant and conductive to promoting independence and autonomy for clients.

Standard 10

The building and its contents are safe and fit for purpose. The premises are kept clean, hygienic and systems are in place to control the spread of infection, in accordance with relevant legislations.

Standard 11

Staff respects information given by the clients and in confidence and handle information in accordance with the departments written policies and procedures of the Data Protection Act 1998 in the interests of the client. In line with this the manager and staff ensures the department’s policy on “Safeguarding is adhered to at all times.

Standard 12

The manager ensures that staff has defined job descriptions and they understand their own roles and responsibilities and act as an ambassador to the Council in the training room and out in the community.

Standard 13

The manager and staff encourage and support the clients to retain, administer and control their own medication with a risk management framework and comply with the department’s policy and procedure for the receipt of recording, storage, handling administration and disposal of medicines.

Standard 14

The manager and staff ensures that we work within the departments complaints procedure, which includes that clients know how and who to complain to.

Standard 15

The manager operates a through recruitment procedure based on equal opportunities, including clients. All staff are DBS checked every 3 years.

Standard 16

The service follows written policies and procedures to comply with legislation and recognised professional standards. The manager and staff have the competence and qualities required to meet the client’s individual support for employment.

Standard 17

The manager ensures that staff supervisions, training, personal development programmes, records are accurate and up to date and meet all statutory requirements.

Standard 18

The manager ensures compliance with financial systems for audit purposes.


Tel: 01709 812135


Addison Centre
Addison Road
S66 8DG

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Last Modified: January 4, 2019