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Last Modified: February 8, 2022

Cranstoun Inspire to Change South Yorkshire

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Who is Cranstoun Inspire to Change

Cranstoun is a charity empowering people to live healthy, safe and happy lives.

Cranstoun has been awarded the contract to deliver the Cranstoun Inspire to Change Perpetrator Programme in South Yorkshire from 6 September 2021.

About Cranstoun Inspire to Change (CITC)

We are a perpetrator led intervention which also offers help and support to partner and ex partners of service users.

Cranstoun Inspire to Change has been designed to help participants learn new skills and find better ways to manage and control their abusive behaviour. It encourages participants to think and behave more positively to prevent harm to their partner, children and family in the future.

What to expect from Cranstoun Inspire to Change?

At the first appointment fully trained staff will meet with participants to develop their own tailored engagement plan. Meetings can also be held online. The engagement plan may include:

  • Setting up one-to-one sessions
  • Participating in group work sessions

Staff will work closely with participants to ensure they feel comfortable and confident to take the next step in their Inspire to Change journey. Cranstoun Inspire to Change can also provide support, advice and signposting/onward to help address wider issues linked to abusive behaviour such as addiction problems, debt and unemployment.

Who is suitable?

Our service is suitable for males, females and non binary from the age of 16+.

There has been behaviours within their intimate relationships that are controlling, abusive or violent.

This is not restricted to intimate partner violence and also includes inter family relationships.

Referrals can be made as part of a conditional caution or out of court disposal.

Who is not suitable?

If the person you want to refer is already subject to a current community order or licence where domestic abuse/violence is the index offence, then CITC will be unable to accept them.

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