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    Last Modified: July 8, 2021

    Door 2 Door – Rotherham Community Transport Ltd

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    Group Aims and Activities

    Door 2 Door Community Transport Transport for your community enabling people to live independently, participate in their community and to access education, employment, health, social care and other services. Here to help you get out and about. 

    Services Available:

    Dial-A-Ride – Our Dial-A-Ride services offers flexible transport that enables you to visit family or friends and to do other personal business or community activities.  Dial-A-Ride can take you anywhere within the Rotherham Area.

    Shopper Bus – Shopper Bus offers a weekly timetabled service to enable you to go to your local supermarket or town centre, for details of your local shopper bus service please see our timetable.

    Hospital Link – This service is ideal for patients travelling to or from Rotherham District General Hospital.

    Community Link – Community Links is for people with Social Care needs who require regular travel arranging to a social centre or school, or any other activity as part of their personal care plan. This service can also be used for travel outside of Rotherham.

    Group Travel – Door 2 Door services aren’t just for individuals, we have a fleet of minibuses all of which have access for people with disabilities.  They can be used to take members to meetings, on day trips, other social events, a day out in the Countryside or even further afield for short breaks.

    Excursions – We offer a programme of both summer and winter excursions to a variety of destinations, please ask for our latest brochure.

    Community Car Service – Our team of volunteers can help you get out and about more easily and is for people who can get in and out of a private car.

    Just Ask – ring us on 01709 517100

    Community Transport: it’s brilliant, it changed my life!

    All over the Rotherham area people rely on our drivers to get them out and about whether it is a trip to the shops, keeping in touch with friends and relatives or an essential appointment at the hospital or their local GP.

    Could you offer a helping hand to people where you live by going the extra mile and becoming a driving force in your community?

    Our volunteers find it a rewarding way to spend their free time because they know what a significant difference they are making to the lives of others. Most journeys are local but sometimes we need to go further afield. We operate daytime, evenings and weekends, but the choice is yours when to help out. Some volunteers do journeys several times a week, whilst others may just help out one morning a week or less.

    You do not necessarily need your own car as volunteers are needed to drive community transport vehicles. You will be offered training in Passenger Care and Driving for Safety and Economy.

    Door 2 Door Community Transport has been described as a lifeline that gives people back their independence and prevents older people becoming lonely and isolated. Not everyone can jump in the car or catch a bus to get to the supermarket or doctor’s surgery so if you enjoy driving and have some spare time, you may be just the person we are looking for to be an important part of the team who provide transport for your community.

    This year Rotherham Community Transport is 25 years old!

    Back in 1989 we started the “HandyBus” Dial-a-Ride with just two minibuses. Last year we moved our fleet of over 30 vehicles into larger premises and provided over 134,000 passenger rides for older people and for adults and children with disabilities. We also provide community transport for schools and community groups.

    Something as simple as a bus ride or a lift with a volunteer makes a tremendous difference to lonely and isolated older people, people with long term conditions and disabled children and their families.

    Whether it is helping out as a passenger assistant on one of our shopper buses, volunteering as a driver (with or without your own car) for our Community Car scheme, or volunteers contributing their time and experience as a trustee to help build on the achievements of the last 25 years RCT needs your support – please give us a ring on Rotherham 516092


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