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Emma Boswell


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    Last Modified: November 17, 2021

    Feed Our Communities CIC

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    It is our mission to raise awareness of and break existing multiple deprivation cycles through the development of sustainable assets and activities by implementing Earth care, people care and fair shares.


    Our vision is to create stronger communities, where residents have a voice on the resources and services that they need.

    Goals and Outcomes

    Our goals are to:

    • Provide access to housing and freshly grown food for better health.
    • Create sustainable community facilities that promote social inclusion and healthier lifestyles.
    • Assist individuals in preparing for work through training and volunteering.
    • Incorporate community leadership by inviting residents and volunteers to join our Committee.

    Our outcomes are to have:

    • Improved welfare and quality of life for residents.
    • Created sustainable communities.
    • Increased skills development to encourage long-term employability prospects.
    • Represented the needs and views of disadvantaged or vulnerable communities
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