Frack Free South Yorkshire

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David Burley


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C/O The Wesley Centre
Blyth Road
S66 8JD

Last Modified: October 27, 2021

Frack Free South Yorkshire

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Who are we?

We are not crazies, we just want to make sure our children have pollution free water to drink and clean air to breathe.

Frack Free South Yorkshire is a single issue community group set up in response to the threats posed by unconventional gas and oil extraction, often referred to  as extreme energy.

We are non political and welcome all members of our communities in the South Yorkshire Region and beyond.

It is our intention to organise and oppose unconventional Gas, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of rock, in South Yorkshire and beyond. Until regulations and guarantees are given to ensure that there will be no negative effects on our environment, livelihoods or health.

We support any organisation whose aims are to oppose any type of unconventional gas or oil exploration.

We call on the government to legislate to ensure that all companies involved in the business of unconventional gas extraction are required to carry out full environmental impact assessments prior to any exploratory drilling taking place.

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