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Louise Treloar


Tel: 01709 829750


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Grimm & Co
Unit 20/21
Old Town Hall
S60 1QX

Opening hours: Tues 9-4pm Wed 9-4pm Thurs 9-1pm Fri - 9-4pm Sat 9-4pm

Last Modified: February 14, 2022

Grimm and Co Ltd

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Group Aims:

Grimm and Co is a writing charity for children and young people (age 7-18).

We run innovative, energised, exciting and artistic activities that unleash imaginations and help young people to unlock and realise their potential.

We publish, perform or present writing – we give a reason to write! We start, and finish, with the children’s own imagination.

In a nutshell, we champion the writer in every child.

Group Activities:

Grimm & Co is a magical story destination based in the heart of Rotherham town centre.

Come and visit our Apothecary to the Magical, which sells wild schemes, mysterious plots and kitchenware to magical and mortal customers.  Our apothecary is a wonderful experience with a fairy tale mail service, the library of forgotten books (free books for all visitors), the famous magic-o-meter, the museum of artefacts from the Fairy Tale Kingdom and not forgetting our beautiful, artisan magical gifts to suit all tastes.

Open since 1148 (just before lunchtime), we serve all kinds of magical beings (wizards, giants, fairies, trolls…).  Products include: Giant Belly Button Cleaners (for clearing out stray chickens), ready-blended potions for the busy witch/wizard (including Grandma’s Scabs, Middle-Aged Vitriol and A Pinch of Happiness), human disguises, disenchanted wood, tins of disappointment and much much more.  We also cater to humans these days, although humans tend to use our products slightly differently.  Mortals, we are told, use the potions as bath salts, for example!  Odd.

Due to an unbreakable spell, cast hundreds of years ago, all profits go towards our charitable work.  This takes place through the SECRET DOOR (sshhh).  The Writers’ Pad hosts fabulous story making and creative writing workshops for school groups and free holiday clubs for children and young people which champion the writer in every child.  In our secret story centre we work with children and young people from age 7 – 18 to unlock hidden talent, build confidence in writing, raise self-esteem and unleash imaginations and creativity.

We have currently popped up in the Old Town Hall in Rotherham town centre, where we will stay until our permanent home on Ship Hill is transformed into a new place of magic and wonder.

As well as visiting our store in person and online, your mini mortals can take part in lots of creative writing activities online at, and you can join our team at Grimm & Co to change children’s lives one story at a time! Our volunteer mentors encourage confidence, creativity and imagination while developing writing skills in a unique, fantastical environment. No experience required. Just bags of enthusiasm!


For general information, please contact Louise on​​​.

For information on volunteering, please contact Amanda at


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