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Last Modified: July 8, 2021

Kivo-ebiz Ltd

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Group aims:

Kivo-ebiz is an enterprise established to raise funds for Kiveton Park & Wales Community Development Trust. It also offers training in internet trading and consultation in business development.

Group activities:

Kivo-ebiz started in 2003 selling goods on the internet for people in the local community. The charge for the service is all donated to the local charity – Kiveton Park & Wales Community Development Trust. The Trust provides numerous activities that help to improve the lives of local residents. Projects such as sports activities for young people, lunch clubs, producing a community newsletter, restoring a community garden, training and “ways to work” programmes etc.

Kivo-ebiz was a bit of a “light bulb” moment when one of the Trustees, decided to clear out her garage and sell the contents on e-bay. A little daunted by all she didn’t know, she thought there would be hundreds of others in the community that felt the same – would like to sell things on e-bay but didn’t have the confidence or skills. So Kivo-ebiz was launched as a service selling goods for the local community but also providing training classes on buying and selling on e-bay. It is completely managed by volunteers who go out to peoples’ homes, photograph their items, list them on e-bay and package & post them once sold.

The enterprise won £15,000 in a “dragon’s den” event shortly after its launch and in 2008 went on to win Rotherham Community Achievement Award (for best project), Yorkshire & Humber Market Towns Award and the National (England & Wales) Market Town Award. From the publicity of this community groups from all over the country ask us to help them set up similar business models, train their volunteers or share top tips. Much of this consultancy work is facilitated by Locality (formerly the Development Trust Association).

The project has so many hidden depths and social outcomes besides giving a huge financial boost to our local economy and local charity. We sell approximately £1,000 of goods per week. 80% going to the person we sell it for and 20% going to the charity. All packaging materials such as boxes and bubble wrap are recycled from local businesses – helping to lessen our “carbon footprint”.

Check the following link on YouTube for short films about Kivo-ebiz


As our volunteers go out to local homes they are able to identify other needs or problems and signpost people to appropriate services. It is particularly important for the elderly, housebound or people on low income. The training is a great “hook” to other learning as many of our e-bay students go on to other courses such as Digital Imaging or Basic IT. Over 50 students per year are trained. Many of the students also go on to volunteer on the project, so increasing our pool of volunteers.

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