Newlife The Charity for Disabled Children


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Newlife Centre
Hemlock Way
WS11 7GF

    Last Modified: July 2, 2021

    Newlife The Charity for Disabled Children

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    Group Aims & Activities

    Our Nurses support families, our researchers work to improve children’s health, our dedicated team campaign for a fairer deal and our volunteers and supporters know that 100% of every penny they donate or fundraise will be used for equipment to change a child’s life.

    Childhood cancers, birth defects, accidents, diseases and infections can all cause our precious babies, children, and young people to face lifelong challenges. It happens to dozens of children and their families every day.

    Newlife exists because if it was your child, you would want the best for them and that’s what we are working for every day.

    We also:

    Find out more by visiting the website or contact us for further information here.




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