Parents Against Child Exploitation


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    Last Modified: January 7, 2022

    Parents Against Child Exploitation

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    Group Aims

    Pace works alongside parents and carers of children who are – or are at risk of being – sexually exploited by perpetrators external to the family. We offer guidance and training to professionals on how child sexual exploitation affects the whole family.

    Group Activities

    Pace seeks to:

    • Enable parents and carers to safeguard and stop their children being sexually exploited.
    • Provide evidence and specialist advice in order to demonstrate to partners that parents and carers have an essential safeguarding role.
    • Work with parents and partners to disrupt and bring perpetrators to justice.
    • Influence national and local policy and practice to reflect the active safeguarding role of parents and the impact on families of child sexual exploitation.
    • Sustain long term change by training partners in the active role of parents and carers safeguarding their children

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