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Viewing of the animals in our care is by appointment only, by completing an application form on the website.  

    Last Modified: July 6, 2021

    Rain Rescue

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    Group Aims


    Rain Rescue exists for the animal who has nobody else.

    ​Founded in 2002, our charity saves the lives of thousands of the dogs and cats most at risk in and around Yorkshire. Our rescue centre provides the space and support needed for these abandoned animals to recover, thrive and find a loving home.

    ​We see the beautiful animal that is sometimes hidden under layers of pain and neglect, and match them with the owners they deserve. Our focus is on the dogs and cats that most need our help, including:​

    • the dogs in stray kennels who are due to be put down when their statutory seven days of care run out
    • abandoned cats who have been left alone or thrown out onto the street with nobody to care for them

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    Group Activities


    The organisation has been Rescuing Animals In Need since 2002 and became a registered charity in 2006.

    ​Jacquie Neilson started Rain Rescue after seeing the conditions animals had to endure in council dog pounds – only to be put down for want of a better home. The charity continues to visit dog pounds on a weekly basis, as well as taking in cats abandoned on the street.

    ​Each year we save around 450 animals, bringing them into our care and doing all we need to do to help them find loving new homes. Our statistics start to tell the story of our success, which is all thanks to your generous donations.

    ​Rain Rescue is a full member of The Association Of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH). In 2013 Jacquie Neilson was voted onto the board of elected officers and committee of the ADCH, where she helps shape national strategies for animal rescues.

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