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Last Modified: April 21, 2020

Rotherham and Barnsley Mind

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Rotherham and Barnsley Mind are still providing our full range of therapy services remotely online, via telephone and digital video link platforms.

We are thinking of new names for this service which is being delivered throughout the COVID-19 period and following the set up of this service and its success so far we hope this will continue to be one of our core counselling services as an effective alternative to face to face sessions.

Although we cannot currently offer the service free of charge (we are working really hard to secure crisis funding to allow this), you will not incur increased costs. All our therapists will contact you at the agreed time and date.

COVID-19 specific supports

Taking care of mental and psychological wellbeing as well as couple and family relationships has never been more important than now.

Rotherham and Barnsley Mind is also providing online and phone counselling to support our clients to overcome the specific challenges posed by COVID-19.  These services include:

  • Stress, anxiety and panic management
  • Relationship and family concerns that emerge from being confined to the home environment, including conflict resolution
  • Targeted support for those facing employment and financial uncertainties
  • Children’s mental health support
  • Support to address pre-existing mental health difficulties
  • Helping households to be proactive in managing periods of isolation, including strategies to utilise this time in productive and meaningful ways
  • Supporting older relatives in isolation
  • The range of services outlined on our services page

Our goal is to provide effective support to individuals, couples and families quickly in this difficult time that maximises individual, relationship and family wellbeing.

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