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Mowbray Gardens Library
S65 2UH

Last Modified: July 8, 2021

Rotherham Flourish

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Group Aims

Rotherham Flourish is a collaborative project between Sheffield Flourish (Shirin Teifouri) and Mowbray Gardens library. This art-based project is designed to build communities, generate solidarity, and explore the idea of ‘flourishing’ by providing a creative space for people who have experienced different kinds of mental health difficulties and isolation in Rotherham.

Group Actvities

We use different art-based mediums of expression such as storytelling, poetry, painting, and creative writing during free 10-12 week courses.  At the end of each course, the works of participants are displayed in an exhibition in Mowbray Gardens library and published on Sheffield Flourish website.

Free 10 week creative course for people who have experienced mental health difficulties 

A free 10 weeks creative course using storytelling, creative, writing, art and music for people who have experienced mental health difficulties.

Cakes, coffee, snacks available.

For booking a place or more information, please contact Shirin:


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