Rotherham Talking Newspaper

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Mr Roy Beechill


Tel: 01709 522429


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Rosehill Hall, Rosehill Victoria Park
Old Warren Vale,
S62 7HJ

Our opening times are: Mon 9am- 12pm, Tues 9am-2.30pm, Weds 9am- 12pm. Please note we are closed on Thursday and Friday.

Last Modified: July 22, 2021

Rotherham Talking Newspaper

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***Update July 2021***

The Newspaper and Magazine, that we produce weekly are both available via the Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker. To use this the Listener will require Broadband in their home.

We are at present not delivering usb players to listeners homes we will provide updates when this changes.


Group Aims

Rotherham Talking Newspaper is a local registered charity that exists to provide a service to people, of any age, who are blind, visually impaired, or unable to hold and read a newspaper for any reason. The charity is operated by two part time staff and around 25 volunteers.

Group Activities

Every week we produce an 80 minute audio recording of local news, taken from the Rotherham Advertiser. In addition an 80 minute weekly magazine recording, called the “Access Tape” is also produced. This is an audio recording full of recipes, gardening tips, vision related medical information, and other articles and stories that would be relevant and/or interesting to the people that we serve.

The service is totally FREE to Listeners and produced almost entirely by volunteers. We currently have around 400 Listeners and distribute around 800 recordings per week on either audio cassette, CD, or USB Memory Stick.


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