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We are a collection of peer support groups based in the S62 area of Rotherham, covering mental health, community engagement and self development of Rotherham folk. We fundraise to ensure our groups and refreshments are free, to offer an inclusive, diverse and equal safe place.

Last Modified: August 2, 2022

S62 Community Together Rotherham

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We’re a small group of people based in Rotherham who have come together with a common interest, to give something back to our local area. We are striving to make Rotherham an all round better place by providing support groups and things to do for people of all walks of life and raising awareness of the important things in life along the way.

We run a variety of regular groups and adhoc events open to all and we’re always growing! Every month we seem to be adding more to the list due to demand of the public in S62. We want to know what you enjoy doing and want to see in Rotherham so pop up and have a chat, it will be great to see you

We love listening to what the people of Rotherham want to see going on in their town and endeavour to make those wishes reality. We are often part of local events that pop up so we can get to see more of you and get you on board with our groups but also value your incredible feedback. Best part about us is that we’re always growing so there’s always something going on

We offer informal peer support groups that encourage engagement and various wellbeing practices.

Mens Mental Health Group
Monday’s 7:30pm-9pm @ The Drop-In Centre. 
Walking Group
Tuesdays from 11:45am – 2pm @ Greasbrough Dam
Women Supporting Women
Thursday’s 7:30pm – 9pm @ The Drop-In Centre.
Coffee Mornings
(3rd Saturday of the month) 10am-12pm @ The Drop-In Centre.
Find us here on our Website:- https://s62ctr.co.uk/
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