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    Last Modified: July 6, 2021

    Social Enterprise International Ltd

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    Group Aims

    Social Enterprise International Ltd ( formerly Social Enterprise Europe Ltd) are founders of the Social enterprise movement in the UK and now work across the globe in over 40 countries.  We have a strong team made up of long serving Directors based in the UK, China, Indonesia, France, Germany and Italy.  Social Licence Holders based in Nigeria, Kenya, Croatia, France, UK and Chile supported by Associates in the UK and other countries.  Our purpose is to advocate that all businesses should be democratically run, based on ethics and have a maximum social impact.  We specialise in new forms of organisational structures, such as FairShares and new ways of democratic decision making.  In South Yorkshire we are represented by one of our leading Directors, Professor Rory Ridley-Duff based at Sheffield Hallam and our Enterprise Education Specialist, Jen Wall based in Rotherham.

    Group Activities

    Although working in over 40 countries Social Enterprise is also very active in South Yorkshire. We are bringing FairShares to the County through the establishment of a FairShares Lab in Sheffield and connecting the Lab with many others around the world. FairShares is the latest and best way to set up companies whereby all those who create wealth get a fair share of the profits and a fair share of the decision making. We are also working with LocoSoco to help local communities take control of the supply chain of the common goods they normally buy through the supermarkets. Through our Nemesis project we are connecting local schools in Rotherham to a network of schools in Europe and wider bringing social innovation into the way the schools operate and teach.

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