SSAFA Forces Help

Contact name:

Major Adrian Hunt


Tel: 07483 214925 (Monday to Thursday 1000-1200)



Visit the Group's Website


McKay VC Barracks
Fitzwilliam Road
S65 1SH

Please note the above address is for the SSAFA office which isn't open for personal visits - but please use the above link to the SSAFA website for more information.

Last Modified: July 22, 2021

SSAFA Forces Help

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Group aims

To help members of the Armed Forces and ex service personnel including Army, Navy, Air Force, Merchant Seamen and Reserves Forces.

Our Values

Understanding. Showing empathy. Giving a helping hand to those in need and distress.

Commitment. Professionalism. Being beneficiary-focused in all we do. Being accountable for our actions. Being open, transparent and acting in the interests of people who use or need our support.

Fairness. Consistency in how we deal with people. Acting with integrity and not making moral judgements; not discriminating; promoting inclusivity and diversity.

Courage. Standing by what we believe when we need to challenge accepted wisdom. Trusting in our ability. Doing the right thing, however hard. Questioning actions not consistent with our values.

Our five strategic aims deliver our vision and mission by:

  1. Understanding need: We will ensure we understand and adapt to the needs of those we support.
  2. Effective support: We will alleviate suffering and distress by providing appropriate, timely and effective support.
  3. Awareness and understanding: We will strive to be recognised, known and understood.
  4. Sustainable resource: We will ensure we have people with the right skills and sufficient time to deliver our services, underpinned by a sustainable income.
  5. Collaborative working: We will work together within the organisation and with external partners.

Foe more information check out our website

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