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Last Modified: July 5, 2021

Sunnyside Supplies

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Social Supermarket Tuesdays 12 – 3:30pm

This will be a membership club, where you pay £3 a week and you can choose your own items from the shop. This will be like previous food parcels, with some restrictions on popular items, but you will be able to pick what you want from various categories. One of our volunteers will walk you through it on the day. You can pay £3 a week in advance to help with monthly budgeting. If someone would like to use the social supermarket, they must call us in advance to register. Our new number is 07368 946831.

Community Café Tuesdays 12 – 2pm

Will also be running at the same time. It is open to everyone to come down, have a natter, and purchase drinks and food.

Both services will be running from Sunnyside Community Centre, 132 Flanderwell Lane, Sunnyside, S66 3RL. A limited delivery service is available for those that are housebound, please call if you need this.

One-off emergency food parcels can be provided to those in need. These can be requested by ringing 07368 946831.

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