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Last Modified: October 20, 2021

Swallownest Baptist Church

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No more lonely Arts is a weekly drop-in craft space where it’s OK not to be OK. This is a new initiative at Swallownest Baptist church.

We all go through times when we don’t feel OK. At no more lonely Arts we don’t have to pretend, we accept and welcome each other as we are. We aim to see each other’s beauty and respect each other’s struggles.

​No more lonely Arts is a safe space where we can explore creativity, learn new skills, or simply ‘be’. Each week there is a craft/art activity which you are welcome to join in or not. While we make or do things together, we can talk and listen as we feel able.

No more lonely Arts aims to be a supportive community. We are not providing a service we are providing a place where friendships and self-support can flourish.

Our values are:

  • Welcome – everyone is welcome, without judgement.
  • Safety – we respect each other by not repeating each other’s stories without permission. We can arrive and leave at any time.
  • Community – we make real, equal, supportive friendships with each other. We aim that no-one dominates, and no-one is left out.
  • Presence – we are present for one another, in the present moment, with quiet compassion.

​​You are welcome: whoever you are; however you are. No more lonely Arts is for people experiencing mental health problems, people who are lonely, carers, friends, family,

ANYONE!  You will need to be referred via Voluntary Action Rotherham or via the PCN team. However, we do not ask why you have come: we simply welcome you as you.

​No more lonely Arts is supported by Swallownest Baptist Church and Christians in the South Yorkshire area. It was founded by David who has experienced both the struggles of mental illness and the support of loving community. Prayer is available if you would like.

​Each session is facilitated by trained volunteers. We meet on Wednesdays between 1pm and 3pm at Swallownest Baptist Church.

If you are anxious about entering, please get in touch for friendly assistance.

​We aim to be as much a physical safe space as a mental and emotional safe space. If you have any questions or concerns, please do speak to David.

For further queries, contact David – 07536992946 or email swallownestbaptist@gmail.com


Different ways of finding out what we do.

  • Our website is kept up to date and now has a page all about Coronavirus with the latest implications for us as a church.
  • We are also trying to keep our Facebook page up to date with information too. If you use Facebook, you might want to join our private Facebook group. This gives you a place to ask for prayer or share information that you might not want to go out beyond those connected to the church in that group.
  • You can contact us via our website contact form. This points to our church email address which is checked very often. We can normally pick up and respond to messages quite quickly.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel  where you can view a number of previous videos. These videos will continue to be released throughout the week at specific times: a time of prayer/devotions (Monday and Friday morning at 0800), a mid-week bible study on Wednesday evenings at 19:00 and a service on Sunday mornings at 10:30.
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