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Last Modified: July 22, 2021

The Brain Tumour Charity

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Group Aims


Your brain is the most extraordinary part of your body. It’s responsible for your ability to move and to communicate. It controls your emotions and stores your memories. It’s the part of you that makes you, who you are.

Yet, 102,000 people are currently living with a brain tumour and the impact can be devastating. Research into brain tumours is woefully underfunded. Survival rates are just 14% and treatments haven’t changed in 40 years.

We know progress isn’t happening fast enough. We need to do more, if we’re going to find a cure. And we need to do it now. That’s why we’re investing in more forward-thinking research, more specialist support services, and passionately lobbying for more urgent change.

We’re committed to improving life for everyone affected and to defending the most incredible part of the human body.

Brain tumours strike fast. But we believe that with your continued commitment and support, we can be the generation that stops them – right in their tracks.

We won’t stop until we have.

Our goals

  • Double survival by 2025
  • Halve the harm that brain tumours have on quality of life by 2020

Get support

Our Information and support line offers a way to ask questions or raise concerns about a diagnosis, treatments, including access to clinical trials, how a brain tumour may affect daily life and how you can support a loved one.

Receiving a brain tumour diagnosis, or learning of a loved one’s diagnosis, is a life-changing event that can lead to lots of questions. We know that it is not always easy to ask these of your friends and family and it can be difficult to access your healthcare team at the exact moment a question comes to mind.

Our support team also provide a listening ear when you need it and are happy to listen to your concerns or frustrations and can point in the direction towards other services when appropriate.

You can call our team Monday to Friday, on 0808 800 0004, or email and we will aim to respond to you as soon as possible.

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Fundraising enquiries: 01252 749043

Donation enquiries: 01252 237792

General enquiries: 01252 749990

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