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    Last Modified: July 2, 2021

    The Friendly Information Company

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    Group aims

    The Friendly Information Company is an organisation run by and for people with disabilities/and or autism,  enduring mental health issues and  vulnerable and disadvantaged people of all ages. It was started by Speakup Self Advocacy which has over 32 years experience supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. The Friendly Information Company began because Speakup people recognised that lots of vulnerable people need accessible information to enable good decision making choice and control to support them to live fulfilling lives. The organisation also gives marginalised and discriminated against people an opportunity to experience work, to enable them to become more competitive in the labour market.

    Group activities

    The Friendly Information Company makes information accessible for everyone. We do this by making accessible and high quality films and by developing, designing and producing Easy read leaflets, posters and websites. Check out the films on our website, they support people to understand issues and take control. You can commission the Friendly Information Company by emailing us directly through our website, or by giving us a call to discuss the accessible information that you need to develop.

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