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The Yorkshire Water Community Trust
PO Box 52

    Last Modified: February 24, 2022

    Yorkshire Water Community Trust

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    Group aims

    The Yorkshire Water Community Trust was set up primarily to help those individuals and families in real need, and who are unable to pay their water charges to Yorkshire Water.

    The Yorkshire Water Community Trust is a registered charity, and was launched by Yorkshire Water in August 1995 as a direct response to the obvious financial need of a proportion of its customer base.

    The principal aims of the trust are:

    • To enable applicants to break the circle of debt and to resolve their debt problems in the long term.
    • To help Yorkshire Water customers who are in conditions of need and are unable to meet or pay charges for the supply of water and sewerage removal.
    • To make donations to charitable or other institutions as the Trustees in their absolute discretion think fit.
    • To play a role in the establishment of Trust Funds throughout the water industry.

    The application form for the Yorkshire Water Community Trust can be downloaded from the website.

    Group activities

    The Trust provides monetary assistance to those customers in genuine need, and is governed by a board of Trustees consisting of senior business people and heads of community groups, such as advice agencies, councils and charities.

    The Board of Trustees is a committee which is totally independent of Yorkshire Water and meets quarterly.

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