Public User Guide

Search Tips: We’ve developed a very flexible search system, so you can find information about groups in a number of ways:

1: General search (any combination of the keyword/postcode/distance boxes plus the green search button)
  • Keyword: Type in what you’re look for (eg type of activity or service, or an organisation’s name)
  • Postcode: This could be where you or someone you know lives or works (eg S60 2HX)
  • Distance: Choose one of the options listed (eg from one mile to any miles)
    Please note a search will include results where the ‘keyword’ appears anywhere in a group page. So, using ‘Aughton’ in the keyword box will also show groups with a ‘Laughton Road’ address. To refine the results add an Aughton postcode plus a distance from the drop down options.
2: Category search (click on any of the following coloured icons)
  • Information and Advice: Produces a list of groups offering this type of help
  • Health and Wellbeing: Takes you to a list of groups offering this support
  • Community and Leisure: Creates a list of groups involved with the category
3: The initial search results (any of the above produces an initial list of groups)

You can scroll through the list of groups and use the blue ‘find out more’ button to open the page of each group. This will show the group’s aims and activities along with other useful details and links to their own website, email addresses, social media pages plus maps and directions.

4: Filter and update the search results (to refine the list of groups)

You can also use the blue arrows on the left hand side of the page to show various sub-categories of support and services provided, plus options of ‘who is it for’. Just tick the relevant boxes and click on the ‘update search’ button to produce the list of groups matching your criteria.

5: Create your own shortlist of groups (to print or check locations on a map)

Use the green ‘add to shortlist’ button to create a customised list of the groups that are most interesting to you. Use the ‘map view’ to check the location of groups and get directions – plus you can add or remove groups and event print the shortlist.

6: Use the activities calendar (to find out which groups have listed their events)

Click on the ‘Activities Calendar’ icon or the ‘Events’ tab for a list of activities some of the groups are promoting for the upcoming months. Use the toggle in the top left of the page to view these in list or calendar formats, then click on the individual events for more details.

7: Improving your search results (If the results do not meet your needs try changing your search terms)
  • Too many results – try to be more specific in the terms that you are using or add extra keywords.
  • Too few results – try to be less specific by removing one or two words from your search terms.
  • Choose search words carefully – you may get more results for ‘nursery’ than for ‘nurseries’.

Problems or suggestions: If you have any problems using our website or need to report errors, broken links or missing information please email us. If you have any comments or suggestions about anything you would like to see, or ways of developing this directory further, please email us.